Become A Member


Becoming a member is easy. You must be 19 years of age or older, have government issued photo identification and reside at a Canadian mailing address. We will also need your email address so we can process your order via Interact E-transfer and send you a confirmation email with shipping information. We want to make this easy for you! If you have any questions about membership with High Voltage Extracts please email us at: sales@highvoltageextracts.ca


How Does It All Work?


Shopping and Placing an Order


How do I place an order?


  • Ensure that you are logged into your High Voltage Extracts account. Click on the Shop tab at the top of the page
  • Select the products that you want as well as the desired quantity/weight and add them to your cart.
  • When you’re finished click on the shopping cart icon to proceed to the checkout.
  • The total amount owing will be displayed at the checkout. The total includes a shipping fee and 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax). Different shipping options and their associated fees can be selected at checkout.
  • Ensure your email address and shipping address are correct and up to date prior to completing your order.
  • **A confirmation email will be sent to you which will contain important information to complete your E-transfer payment.**
  • **Once you have placed your order you will need to pay via Interact E-transfer for your order to ship.**


How do I pay via Interact E-transfer?


    • At this time we only accept Interact E-transfer payments. If you are unfamiliar with how Interact E-transfer works, please watch this video:



  • We cannot complete or ship your order until we have processed your Interact E-transfer
  • Please send your E-transfer to: highvolt@tutanota.com



Shipping & Delivery


Where does High Voltage ship to?

We are able to ship to any Canadian address that is serviced by Canada Post. Keep in mind that rural or remote areas may require additional shipping time.


When will my order be shipped?

We strive to get all orders to our customers as soon as possible. Orders processed before 12:00 pm Monday to Thursday will be shipped by Canada Post on that day, or the following morning.

Orders processed after 12:00 PM will be shipped by Canada Post on the next business day.

Please see “Business Hours” and our Delivery section for more info


How do I know that my order is on it’s way?

Once your package is received by Canada Post we will email you with a tracking number. Please see “Tracking Numbers” for more info


What shipping method do you use?

All High Voltage Extracts packages are sent via Canada Post XpressPost.


What kind of packaging do you use?

Smaller orders will be packaged in a padded XpressPost envelope and larger orders will come in a white box. Your items will be vacuum-sealed and bubble wrapped if necessary. Your package will be discreet and will look like any other piece of mail you might receive. There is nothing to indicate you have purchased from an online dispensary.


What are the shipping fees?

BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan – $19.00
Manitoba, Ontario – $27.00
Nunavut, NWT, Yukon, Quebec & Atlantic Provinces – $32.00


Business & Order Processing Hours

We operate from 9:00 to 6:00 Monday -Thursday (excluding holidays). This means we can process orders and answer questions/emails during these times.

Orders processed before 12:00 pm Monday to Thursday will be shipped by Canada Post on that day, or the following morning.

Orders processed after 12:00 pm Monday to Thursday will be shipped by Canada Post on the next business day.

**We do not consider your order complete until we have received your Interac E-transfer**




How long will it take for me to get my package?

All orders will be shipped same day or next business day.  Your distance from us determines how quickly you receive your package.

Regional Orders (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) usually arrive within 2-4 business days. National Orders (Nunavut, NWT, Yukon, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI) usually arrive within 3-5 business days.

Keep in mind that rural or remote areas may require additional shipping time.


Do I need to be there to accept my package?

Orders valued at $101 or more will have a “signature required” this means you will have to sign for your order or a card will be left in your mailbox and you will need to pick up your package at a Canada Post outlet.


Orders of $100 or less will have no signature required.


What if my package doesn’t arrive?

If you’ve been patiently waiting by your mailbox and it’s past the Service Standard Delivery date indicated by Canada Post please let us know via info@highvoltageextracts.ca or sales@highvoltageextracts.ca

Make sure to track your package online with the tracking number provided before you deem your package as lost.

We guarantee delivery to our customers.  In the unlikely event that a package is not received we will open a “Service Ticket’ with Canada Post.

Sorting out a lost package can take some time, so please be patient. We will always provide our customers with what they’ve paid for.



*Often it appears as though your package is just “sitting” at a major Canada Post hub (ie. Richmond, BC). It is VERY rare that packages are intercepted or opened by Canada Post. If it looks like your package hasn’t moved in a few days it is likely that it is in transit to another major hub or city.





Tracking Numbers


How do I find out my tracking number?

Your tracking number will be sent to your email address after we have submitted your package to Canada Post.


What if my tracking number isn’t registered when I check online?

This means your packaged was dropped off at Canada post but hasn’t been scanned yet. Patience Grasshopper. It can take up to 24 hours for your tracking number to appear as registered online.


Why is my package is showing up as “delivered” when I haven’t received it yet?

This usually means the postal worker who will deliver your package to your mailbox has scanned your package a final time before delivery. This means your package should arrive that day or early the next day.



General Inquiries, Membership: info@highvoltageextracts.ca

Delivery & Orders: sales@highvoltageextracts.ca

For wholesale and dispensary orders please email: sales@highvoltageextracts.ca to set you up with a vendor login.

Instagram: @highvoltageextracts2.0